About Me

My parents separated when I was very young. Between my mum and my dad I grew up in different places: a village commune, white picket fence suburbia, the divided city of Berlin and an esoteric community on a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere. In a way, my life seems not like that of a single person but one of several different people.

I never liked school and I quickly became a master of procrastinating and avoiding classes with the exception of those attended by girls I liked and subjects I really enjoyed. With a few memorable exceptions, I received spectacularly bad grades and eventually stopped trying.

At University, I studied philosophy but I quickly discovered that most of the interesting questions don’t have an answer. Instead, I learned to think in a structured way. This is a useful skill in itself because it can be applied to almost anything.

Change also continued later in my life. Over the years I worked – among other things – as a paperboy, a dishwasher, a construction worker,  a goldsmith, a farmhand, carpenter, secretary, circus light operator,  jazz musician, bus driver, finance manager, composer and film producer. I frequently moved between different places like Bremen, Berlin, Oxford, New York, Austin, Santa Fe and Albuquerque. Most of my friends are scattered all over the globe.

Because of these constant changes, It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do.

Eventually, I had an idea for a project called “Professor S.” out of which came a company called LUDINC. “Professor S.” is a new kind of learning game where kids get to talk to the characters of an interactive time travel web-series. They can send and receive messages, videos and even real objects using a little time machine. This video explains how that works. Making “Professor S.” drew on all the skills I had learned over the years and would not have been possible, without everything that came before.

This blog is part biography and part diary as well as a way to keep track of projects I was a part of and places I have visited. Please feel free to ask me questions or leave a comment.