Ashta is a story world for the whole family. It starts with a game where the players explore the basics of yoga through an animated story about a little octopus called Ashta.

Draft character design of Ashta, a little octopus from Sumatra, who gets lost in India.

Ashta lives on a little island together with her 53 siblings, her mum, her dad and her grandmother. They live a very happy life in a beautiful bay on a little island on the northern tip of Sumatra until one day, the family is attacked by a group of sharks. Most of the family manage to hide under rocks and in crevices further in the bay. In the turmoil, Ashta swims in the wrong direction and ends up in the open ocean where she is immediately pursued by two of the sharks. 

Pursued by sharks she swims further into the open sea, until she arrives at a coast near a river. There, she finds a resting place among the roots of a coral tree.

Having lost her way and overwhelmed by sadness she starts to cry. A group of nearby cows cheer Ashta up by performing a Bollywood song and dance for her. Ashta makes friends with one of the bulls, Pablo, who promises to introduce her to someone who can help her get home. So begins an epic,  funny and adventurous journey.  

On their travels, Ashta and Pablo meet many characters from all around the world such as a group of French frogs  who have a hip hop band and rap about how tough life is for a frog in France. 

Together with Ashta and her friends, kids learn about music , different cultures and discover the world of yoga.

First character design sketches for Pablo in human form.