Ashta is an epic story about a little girl who gets lost in a far away country after narrowly escaping a shark attack only to find new friends and ultimately herself at the end of a magical journey that takes her all across India.

Draft character designs of Ashta.

Conceived as an iOS game, Ashta is a cross between point and click adventure and physical game that teaches kids and their parents the basics of yoga through an engaging and entertaining story with a beautiful design aesthetic.

Yoga exercises are demonstrated by our main characters Ashta and Pablo in 3D (work in progress)

We first get to know Ashta in her animal form as a little octopus. She lives in a beautiful bay on a little island on the northern tip of Sumatra together with her 53 siblings, her mum, her dad and her grandmother. They live a very happy life until one day, the family is attacked by a group of sharks. Most of the family manage to hide under rocks and in crevices further in the bay. In the turmoil however, Ashta swims in the wrong direction and ends up in the open ocean where she is immediately pursued by sharks. 

Draft character design of Ashta in her animal form.

Hunted, she swims further into the open sea and after many days of exhausting pursuit she arrives at a strange coast. There, she finds a resting place wrapped around the roots of a coral tree. Overwhelmed by sadness she starts to cry.

Enter Pablo, a young bull, who dreams of becoming a movie star and recently arrived with his mum from Mexico. Pablo takes pity on Ashta and decides to cheer her up with one of his songs. His nearby friends also join in and before long, it turns into a full-blown Bollywood song and dance performance.

Pablo and his friends performing a Bollywood song and dance routine for Ashta.

Pablo decides to help Ashta return home. After all, he wants to go to Mumbai to start his movie career so why not drop Ashta off at the airport on the way? There is only one snag: Ashta and Pablo are animals. But help is at hand. Around Ashta’s neck is a special amulet she received from her grandmother. This amulet is the home of Lakshmi, the Genie, who after Ashta summoned her, reluctantly agrees to turn the pair into human form.

Ashta and Lakshmi, the genie (first draft character designs)

Pablo, a young bull from Mexico who dreams of becoming a Bollywood star.
First character design sketches for Pablo in human form.
Lakshmi first draft character designs.

Thus begins an epic, funny and adventurous journey that takes Ashta and Pablo all across the Indian subcontinent.

The story is divided into several chapters and narrated by Lakshmi over beautiful 2D game style animation. The players discover puzzles and little animated details as they are further immersed into the magical journey of Ashta. In between chapters, players are introduced to different yoga exercises: breathing, meditation and postures all designed to encourage social emotional learning.