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Professor S. and the time travellers”

“During Professor S’s video message, you can’t hear a pin drop in the classroom. None of the kids are whispering or messing around on their chairs. All of the children are watching the computer screen, fascinated. Why is the confused professor in a fix this time?” (download the full article)

Berliner Zeitung


“A Berlin-based company developing computer games for primary school pupils”

“Teachers are saying how inspired they have been by this new tool for learning” (download full article here)



“Learning Game from Berlin is awarded a Prize



„How this Time-Traveling Professor is Re-defining Play and Learning”

„[T]here are a few schools in Germany where young students are actually ignoring the bell, preferring instead to continue their studies with ‘Professor S.’ … designed to bring classroom lesson plans to life in any subject throughout the school year, including mathematics, languages, humanities, history, art, science, and even physical education.



Sir, this is boring. When will our education upgrade be delivered?”

The best-known example for an educational game is probably Professor S., designed for use in lessons for classes 3 and 4. In the game, a confused professor sends his pupils into the past using a time machine and they are faced with a variety of challenges. (Download the full article)

Tip Magazine


Professor S.” wins the German Computer Game Award 2016

In `Professor S.´, Jan von Meppen and his team at LudInc have succeeded in developing a game with which pupils can learn to handle digital content. It also inspires them to solve tasks in the real world. A great project which is more than worthy of this award!


“Potential of digital games in learning in schools”

“Digital media are unfortunately only used in schools in Germany on an individual basis. Games such as ‘Professor S’ are an impressive way of showing how far teaching in schools has come away from blackboards and chalk in the 21st century and how lessons can be designed in an interactive way which stimulates activity” (Dr. Maximilian Schenk, Managing Director of BIU)